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HEAL 2020 Pre-Budget Submission | Soumission prébudgétaire du GIAS 2020

Written by HEAL

Created: 06 August 2019

HEAL believes that there is a strong link between responsible environmental practices, economic prosperity, and the health and wellness of Canadians. Personal attributes, including health, economic, and social characteristics, interact with a range of contextual factors to influence the elderly population’s vulnerability to current and predicted climate stressors (heat, flooding, storms and air pollution).

During its recent spring visit to Parliament Hill where HEAL members met with parliamentarians from all stripes, the interconnectedness of these issues was often discussed. HEAL’s recommendations aim at enhancing the resilience of seniors, which in turn will help them mitigate the impacts of these climate stressors.

Le GIAS estime qu’il existe un lien étroit entre les pratiques environnementales responsables, la prospérité économique et la santé et le bien-être des Canadiens et des Canadiennes. Les données personnelles, notamment les caractéristiques médicales, économiques et sociales, se mêlent à une variété de facteurs contextuels pour venir influencer la vulnérabilité de la population âgée aux facteurs de stress climatiques actuels et prévus (canicules, inondations, orages et pollution atmosphérique).

Lors d’une visite printanière récente à la Colline du Parlement, les membres du GIAS ont rencontré des parlementaires de toutes allégeances et l’interconnectivité de ces enjeux a souvent été abordée. Les recommandations du GIAS visent à améliorer la résilience des ainés, de manière à les aider à atténuer l’impact de ces facteurs de stress climatiques.

HEAL 2019 Pre-Budget Submission | Soumission prébudgétaire du GIAS 2019

Written by HEAL

Created: 07 August 2018

HEAL agrees with the Budget 2018 statement which says, “A strong publicly funded health care system is not just a point of pride for Canadians, it is also an essential foundation for a strong, fair and prosperous country in the years to come.” HEAL’s recommendations encourage collaboration between governments and providers, proposing measures and investments to improve overall system effectiveness and contribute to positioning Canada as a top performing country.

HEAL 2018 Pre-Budget Submission | English Only

Written by HEAL

Created: 23 August 2017

HEAL (Organizations for Health Action) is a coalition of 40 national health and consumer associations and organizations dedicated to protecting and strengthening Canada's health care system. It represents more than 650,000 providers and consumers of health care.

HEAL addresses its 2018 pre-budget submission to the first of the federal government’s questions to Canadians:

What federal measures would help Canadians to be more productive? For example, what education and training, health, housing and labour market participation and mobility measures would help Canadians to be as productive as possible in their workplaces and their communities?

Mental health impacts the productivity and success of businesses and poses significant cost to the economy. Mental illness accounts for about 15% of all diseases in Canada yet it is the number one cause of disability in this country. The economic costs of mental illness in Canada are approximately $50 billion per year and the cost of productivity loss due to mental health and addictions is $20 billion.

The health of Canada’s workplace depends in no small measure on the mental health of its employees. While Canada has made strides in recognizing the gaps Canadians face in accessing mental health services and supports, it is now time to redress these gaps by delivering the services and supports Canadians need.