HEAL News Releases

HEAL has released a number of News Releases commenting on a number of public policy issues from a health pespective. Should you wish for HEAL to comment on an issue, please contact the HEAL Co-Chairs.

The Health Action Lobby (HEAL), a coalition of 33 national health and consumer groups, is pleased to support the First Ministers’ Health Accord, and recognizes that it is a start.

“But, does it go far enough?” questions Pamela Fralick, HEAL’s co-chair. “The real test of this agreement will be whether health services are more accessible. Canadians will only know if the governments got it right when they see improvements. While HEAL is encouraged with the funding for an increased continuum of care - covering home care, supports for family caregivers, pharmacare, and specific public health needs, we are concerned that this agreement has not given enough financial support for the current system.”

The Health Action Lobby (HEAL), a coalition of more than 30 national health and consumer groups, is writing to express our support for an immediate action plan framed by shared, common objectives and clear priorities to address the sustainability of our health system, and supported by new, long-term fiscal commitments.