Ottawa, Ontario (SEPTEMBER 22, 2015) – The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) joins other members of Canada’s Health Action Lobby (HEAL) to remind federal leaders that Canadians want government to make the challenges facing our health-care system a priority. Public opinion research consistently reveals that Canadians care deeply about finding the sustainable and cost-effective options that will enhance our national health. And healthy Canadians make for a healthy and competitive economy. Yet, to date, policy debates associated with the 2015 federal election have rarely focused on health care.

Through its Consensus Statement entitled The Canadian Way Accelerating Innovation and Improving Health System Performance, HEAL has issued a call to action to governments at all levels, contending that an effective health system depends on enhanced collaboration among all levels of government. HEAL also expects the federal government to re-assert its legitimate and facilitative leadership role.

CPA hopes that the government will implement HEAL’s important recommendation to create a National Innovation Fund and a Community-Based Health Infrastructure Fund that can support innovation and implementation of evidence based services in mental health and addictions and within primary care.

“Access to a psychologist should be a right not a privilege,” states CPA President, Dr. Kevin Kelloway. “The statistics are staggering-one in five Canadians will experience a mental health problem in a given year, yet only one in three reportedly receives care. Canada needs to do a better job at making sure that help is available to those who need it.”

“Canada has done a good job of reducing stigma associated with mental illness in recent years. However Canadians face great barriers accessing the care for problems we have encouraged them to address. It is now time to make psychological services and supports available to all those who need it. Canada has a responsibility to its citizens to provide evidence-based care for all types of illness, including mental illness,” says CPA Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Karen Cohen.

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About CPA

The Canadian Psychological Association is the national association for the science, practice and education of psychology in Canada. With over 7,000 members and affiliates, CPA is Canada's largest professional association for psychology.

About HEAL

HEAL is a coalition of 39 national health and consumer associations and organizations dedicated to protecting and strengthening Canada's health system. Created in 1991, and representing more than 650,000 health-care providers and Canada’s largest health organizations, the major focus of HEAL’s activities has been on the federal role in health and health care.

The Canadian Way Consensus Statement calls for health sector reform and funding initiatives grounded in compassion, consensus, and collaboration.

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