OTTAWA, December 19, 2016 – Provincial and Territorial Health Ministers have failed to reach an agreement with the Federal Government regarding a new Health Accord. The offer from the Federal Government entailed a yearly 3.5% increase of the Canada Health Transfer over the next ten years and an additional 11 billion dollars to be invested in home-care and mental health.

“Today HEAL calls on the Prime Minister to call a meeting of the First Ministers early in the new year to negotiate a new Health Accord” said Michael Brennan, Co-Chair of HEAL. “HEAL calls for a committed partnership between the federal government and the provinces and territories to ensure better health and health care for all Canadians.”

HEAL has been urging the Federal Government over the past year to take a leadership role in addressing gaps in healthcare across Canada.

“HEAL offers a clear way forward with The Canadian Way - a prescription for a meaningful health accord that offers stable equitable funding, accountability for spending, support for innovation and a path forward towards improved health care for all Canadians” said Ondina Love, Co-Chair of HEAL.

HEAL looks forward to working with governments at all levels to ensure that the negotiations continue to unfold in a productive manner, a manner that satisfies Canadians’ needs. HEAL represents more than 650,000 health care providers and is in a unique position to identify a combination of strategic investments to improve overall system efficiency. For more information on our recommendations, please read our policy document The Canadian Way.


HEAL is a coalition of national health organizations that represents a cross-section of health providers, health regions, institutions, and facilities. All of HEAL’s members are dedicated to protecting and strengthening Canada’s health system, and these organizations represent more than 650,000 health-care providers from across the country.


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