Ottawa, August 29, 2016 – As the federal government negotiates a Health Accord with the provinces and territories, HEAL commends Health Minister Jane Philpott for her leadership and commitment to work with health leaders. HEAL, representing more than 650,000 health providers, is uniquely positioned to help the Minister deliver on her mandate which is "to engage provinces and territories in the development of a new multi-year Health Accord".

"HEAL members have unique knowledge about how to use Canada's health care dollars more effectively. Our proposals are strategic and targeted, and designed to improve access quality and health system performance" said Michael Brennan, co-chair of HEAL.

HEAL has issued a policy roadmap for health reforms: "The Canadian Way", which recommends targeted funding including:

Innovation: HEAL recommends that the federal government introduce a time-limited fund – a National Health Innovation Fund – that is strategically focused in three priority areas: primary health care, mental health and addictions, and health human resources.

Home care services: HEAL believes that the Federal government should explore the introduction of appropriate tax-based policies and programs so Canadians will not be placed in financial jeopardy if they require home care and/or long-term institutional care. HEAL also proposes that the federal government should assist the provinces and territories in building the necessary long-term care infrastructure required to ensure that Canadians are cared for in appropriate settings as they age.

Prescription drugs: all Canadians should have access to safe and effective prescription drugs without suffering unnecessary financial hardship. Various national and parliamentary studies have urged the federal government to introduce a prescription drug program to help Canadians facing extraordinary drug costs. This program could be integrated with existing public and private plans, wherever possible.

"HEAL supports a framework of accountability and the principles of better health, better care and better value. Measurement is key to success and ensuring accountability. Our recommendations address many of the structural, demographic and financial challenges associated with the delivery of health care in Canada, and represents a call to action to all levels of government and our country's political leadership" said Ondina Love, co-chair of HEAL.

Targeted funding is only one part of the solution. Long-term, sustainable funding under the Canada Health Transfer, with a demographic top-up formula will ensure a system that delivers care effectively - resulting in healthier Canadians. And healthier Canadians make for more productive workplaces and a more prosperous economy and stable society.

HEAL, a coalition of 41 national health organizations, is dedicated to improving the health of Canadians and the quality of care they receive. HEAL has offered a series of concrete proposals to the Minister that respond to the challenges identified her Prime Minister's mandate letter.

You can find the Canadian Way proposals on HEAL's web site


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