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Recent national survey commissioned by HEAL shows widespread support for measures aimed at dealing with Canada’s aging population.

(OTTAWA – March 22, 2019) Organizations for Health Action (HEAL) is reacting positively to the tabling of the 2019 Federal Budget, as much of its content is in line with HEAL’s policy asks, including new investments in seniors care, mental health and in measures to counter the opioid crisis.

A national survey of 1,650 canadian adults conducted for heal, organizations for health action.


Health sector coalition releases healthcare consensus statement and urges federal government to increase investments in seniors’ care and mental health.

(OTTAWA – November 1, 2018) Today, Organizations for Health Action (HEAL), released its health policy consensus statement, Canadian Way 2.0, as well as the initial findings of a new Abacus Data survey related to healthcare.

The poll, which surveyed 1,650 adults from across Canada, found that 7 out 10 Canadians feel that the federal government should make investing in and optimizing Canada’s health care system to respond to its aging population a top or very high priority.

Ideal combination of better coverage for less cost is possible

OTTAWA, April 19, 2018 – HEAL – Organizations for Health Action – applauds the House of Commons Health Committee on the release of its long-awaited report on the feasibility of a national pharmacare program. After two years and nearly 100 expert witnesses, the report lays the groundwork for filling a longstanding gap in the Canadian healthcare system.

OTTAWA – March 5, 2018 – HEAL – Organizations for Health Action – and its members applaud Federal Minister of Finance Bill Morneau for his government’s latest budget, which sets an encouraging course for some areas of vital importance in national health policy. The document’s focus on mental health, combatting the opioids crisis and a new advisory panel on a possible pharmacare program are all encouraging, says the coalition’s members.

OTTAWA, December 19, 2016 – Provincial and Territorial Health Ministers have failed to reach an agreement with the Federal Government regarding a new Health Accord. The offer from the Federal Government entailed a yearly 3.5% increase of the Canada Health Transfer over the next ten years and an additional 11 billion dollars to be invested in home-care and mental health.

Ottawa, August 29, 2016 – As the federal government negotiates a Health Accord with the provinces and territories, HEAL commends Health Minister Jane Philpott for her leadership and commitment to work with health leaders. HEAL, representing more than 650,000 health providers, is uniquely positioned to help the Minister deliver on her mandate which is "to engage provinces and territories in the development of a new multi-year Health Accord".

20 juillet 2016 : Aujourd’hui, les treize premiers ministres du Canada se rencontrent à Whitehorse (Yukon) pour la rencontre du Conseil de la Fédération. Le groupe d’intervention action santé (GIAS), coalition canadienne composée de 41 organismes de la santé, a fait parvenir une lettre aux premiers ministres pour leur demander de prioriser les soins de santé. Le GIAS a aussi envoyé une copie de leur déclaration Le modèle canadien : Accélérer l’innovation et améliorer le rendement du système de santé.

July 20, 2016 – Today, the thirteen premiers of Canada convene in Whitehorse for the meeting of the Council of the Federations. HEAL, which is a national coalition of 41 national health organizations, sent a letter to the premiers urging them to treat healthcare as a priority issue on their agenda. HEAL also sent a copy of their collaborative paper entitled The Canadian Way, which is a consensus on healthcare policy that has been reached by their 41 members on the direction in which healthcare policy needs to take in Canada.

Ottawa, Ontario (SEPTEMBER 22, 2015) –Canada’s Organizations for Health Action (HEAL) reminds federal leaders that Canadians want government to make the challenges facing our health-care system a priority. Public opinion research consistently reveals that Canadians care deeply about finding the sustainable and cost-effective options that will enhance our national health. And healthy Canadians make for a healthy and competitive economy. Yet, to date, policy debates associated with the 2015 federal election have rarely focused on health care.