In addition to its own activities as a Coalition, HEAL also has representation on a number of other initiatives, and works closely with other national initiatives, including:


  1. Observer status on the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee on Health Delivery and Human Resources (ACHDHR);
  2. Representation on the Advisory Committee for Project “IN4M” – Integrating Needs for Mental-Wellness into Human Resources Planning;
  3. Formal support for the Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNET);
  4. Formal support for the Quality Worklife Quality Healthcare Collaborative (QWQHC);
  5. Works closely with the Canadian Coalition for Public Health in 21st Century (CCPH21C); and
  6. Meets regularly with the Collaborative Forum on Health Science Education (CFHSE).


Several members of the Organizations for Health Action are mobilizing in response to the arrival of Syrian refugees to our country. Please see below for for information on how they are helping to spread important information and coordinate the settlement, care and support activities for the 50,000 Syrian and other refugee newcomers expected to arrive in Canada by the end of 2016:



The Canadian Association of Community Health Centres (CACHC) webpage



The HealthCareCAN webpage



The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) webpage



The Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) webpage



The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) webpage