• National poll reveals 7 out 10 Canadians want the federal government to prioritize healthcare investments in seniors’ care.

    Health sector coalition releases healthcare consensus statement and urges federal government to increase investments in seniors’ care and mental health. (OTTAWA – November 1, 2018) Today, Organizations for Health Action (HEAL), released its health policy consensus statement, Canadian Way 2.0, as well as the initial findings of a new Abacus Data survey related to healthcare. Read More
  • HEAL 2019 Pre-Budget Submission

    HEAL agrees with the Budget 2018 statement which says, “A strong publicly funded health care system is not just a point of pride for Canadians, it is also an essential foundation for a strong, fair and prosperous country in the years to come.” HEAL’s recommendations encourage collaboration between governments and providers, proposing measures and investments to improve overall system effectiveness and contribute to positioning Canada as a top performing country. Download PDF  |  Télécharger version Français Read More
  • June 12th HEAL meeting

    June 12th HEAL meeting

    MP Marilyn Gladu presented to HEAL members at the June 12th meeting
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Given the role and contributions that HEAL has made to the Council of the Federation process to-date and the work of the Health Care Innovation Working Group (HCIWG), we have developed a backgrounder entitled “Contributing to the Council of the Federation’s Health Care Innovation Working Groups…Some Health Providers ABCs”.  The document speaks to the important impact that providers can have on the process, both at the national, and provincial and territorial level.

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